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Digital Security Tips For Solopreneurs

Does your livelihood depend on accessing multiple websites? Mine does.

I’ve seen so many instances recently where friends have been locked out of their social media accounts due to security breaches. It’s not just our social accounts which are susceptible to hacks. Here in New Zealand businesses are increasingly targeted by cyber criminals.

As a sole business owner, without any IT support, what can you do?

Here are some ideas I’ve gathered in my bid to keep my business and personal data safe.

Strengthen Your Digital Fortress: Password Sharing and Security

How many login credentials do you have to remember?
Between my personal and business logins, I was constantly forgetting or mistyping usernames and passwords. It was getting out of control.

For a while, I went against best practice and used the same password for multiple websites. I know I’m not the only one guilty of this.

Thankfully, there’s an easier way with password management software.

Password management software can help:

  • Organise and centralise your login credentials

  • Generate unique passwords

  • Reduce the need for remembering multiple passwords by using autofill

  • Keep your data safe across multiple devices

  • Allow others to login to shared accounts, without having to share the credentials.

My software of choice is NordPass and I use one of the premium paid plans. The convenience, time saved and peace of mind has been well worth the subscription fee.

You can try NordPass Premium for 1 month with my referral code: SASAL!

I’ve worked with clients who use other providers like Dashlane and 1Password.

Two-factor Authentication Apps

An increasing number of websites are requiring Two Factor Authentication (2FA) to fight against cyber attacks and identity theft. Two-factor authentication involves verifying your identity with a unique code sent to a registered email or phone number.

Some websites also allow the use of 2FA Authenticator Apps for generating the codes.

2FA Authenticator App is a simple and free application which you download on your mobile. The app generates Time-based One-time Passwords (TOTP) to verify your login. 2FA App helps you protect your account by adding an additional layer of security

Below is some examples of 2FA Authenticator Apps which can be accessed via your mobile store.

  • Authy

  • Google Authenticator

  • OTP

  • Microsoft Authenticator

You can use more than one 2FA App on your phone.

Granting Access to Others : Setting Protocols for Security

As someone who has access to other people's business accounts including social media, websites etc. I’m conscious about keeping their assets and data safe.

Collaborating with contractors can boost efficiency, but it’s important to make sure they are following cybersecurity protocols. Require them to use secure communication channels, strong passwords, and proper access controls. Regularly review their security practices and offer guidance if needed to maintain a consistent level of protection across your business ecosystem.

When it comes to your social media having another administrator can be very helpful if you ever lose access yourself.

However, limit the number of administrators. Only grant admin access to trusted individuals. Regularly review and audit who has access to your accounts and revoke permissions from individuals who no longer require it. This minimises the risk of unauthorised changes and breaches.

Cloud storage and backup service

Have you ever had the circle of death appear on your computer?

Or completely lost a file from your hard drive?

I once deleted a set of family photos from my laptop before printing or sharing them elsewhere. I was devastated. It was a lesson in creating digital back-ups. Not only of precious personal memories, but of my business files – from financials to marketing materials, there is a lot of data to protect.

I now regularly back-up my files to external hard drives and then run a backup to cloud-based storage.

My software of choice is Backblaze and it has been both affordable and simple to use. The software automatically runs back-ups on my laptop. Plus every month, I get reminders from Backblaze to connect my hard drives for back-up. As a result of these prompts, I do quarterly digital decluttering sessions.

If I ever “lose” a file, then I know I have the option to recover it.

Backblaze free trial (affiliate link)

Anti-virus Software

I like to think of my antivirus software as an invisible forcefield, protecting my computer from any bad-guys gaining access. At first, it seemed like a hefty cost but after seeing the list of potential breaches, I felt it was better to be safe than sorry.

TechRadar has a list of the Best Antivirus Software


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