Are you a heart-centred, introverted service provider, coach or creative ready to grow your business?

Lovely to meet you.

I'm Emmaleen Murray

I'm on a mission: to empower more women with service businesses to share their expertise with the world.

Every day, I connect with incredible business owners just like you. You're deeply passionate about your work, but your introverted nature sometimes feels like an obstacle when it comes to promoting it.

You want to make a difference, but the overwhelming advice about "getting more visible" leaves you feeling confused, drained, and ready to retreat.

If this sounds all too familiar, then it's definitely time for us to chat.

There is Another Way...

Blending my extensive background as a marketer with the insights gained from embracing my introverted self - I've developed strategy and systems that make marketing more sustainable for introverts.

I'm here to help you expand your reach, attract more clients, and amplify your impact—all without completely draining your energy.

Ready to step into your power and make a meaningful impact? You're in the right place.

Me aro koe ki te hā
o Hine-ahu-one

Pay heed to the dignity and power of women

~ Māori whakatukī (proverb)

My Story

I didn't always have a burning desire to become an entrepreneur. In fact, I wanted to climb the corporate ladder and have a career that took me on adventures around the world.

I managed to do that for more than a decade immersed in marketing roles across various sectors here in New Zealand and overseas.

But my view of the corporate ladder changed when I wanted to become a Mum. Burnout from work and health challenges led me to stepping off the ladder and into freelancing.

My dream of self-employment - having the freedom and flexibility to spend quality time with the people I love, do work that I love and that positively impacts my community.

The women I work with have the same dream but have found the journey bumpy, especially when it comes to marketing. I partner with them to smooth the road on that front. 

So, if you're ready to turn your dreams into reality and build a business that's both fulfilling and sustainable, I'm here to support you every step of the way.

Let's ride this bus together!

Ko wai au? | Who Am I?

Ko Te Rarawa, ratou ko Ngāpuhi, ko Ngāti Paoa ōku iwi.
Ko Emmaleen tōku ingoa. 

Personality Profile

I find personality tests fun and insightful. I've done a few over the years and think these ones accurately reflect my personality.

16 Personalities: Mediator (INFP-T)
Clifton StrengthsLearner, Relator, Intellection, Input, Responsibility

Sacred Money Archetypes:  Connector, Romantic, Nurturer

Professional Highlights

2018 President, Australian and New Zealand Association Jakarta - hosted 50+ events and activities to raise funds for underprivileged communities in Greater Jakarta region

2009 Marketing Manager for Cityscape Abu Dhabi 

2007 Marketing Manager - Palmers Garden Centers - Awarded Best TV Advertisement, Best Consumer Catalogue and Best Overall Advertisement in the New Zealand Garden Industry Marketing Awards 2007 

2003 BCom (International Business) & BA (French), University of Auckland

Check out my LinkedIn profile for my full career history

'Ehara taku toa
i te toa takitahi, engari he toa takitini'

'Success is not the work of an individual, but the work of many.'


The entrepreneurial journey can sometimes feel like a solo trek up a huge mountain, and for introverts, navigating networking can add an extra layer of challenge.

Building connections with like-minded souls who truly get the ups and downs, can transform the entire adventure. Here are some incredible communities, that I've found to be uplifting.


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